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Result-oriented education

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Young Leading Univeristy of Central Asia

The mission is to become a leading research and education Centre of the Eurasian region providing favorable conditions for conducting research and acquiring advanced knowledge

Forward thinking

The vision is of a national research university focused on the close integration of education, science and industry.

Result-oriented education

ENU is aimed at training and preparing for the labour industry high skilled professionals with corporate social responsibility, involved in the development of priority sectors of the economy

History of the ENU

Bright history of young university!

Ranking, Certificates, Awards

Leader of the Industry, accreditations, etc


17551 hectares-total area. 45078 sq.m.-area of campuses. 44806 sq.m.-area of student accommodation. 

 19840 Students

13 Faculties

3500 Professors


Sydykov Yerlan Battashevich, Scientist-historian, lawyer, doctor of historical sciences, professor, Academician and Vice President of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan    EDUCATION:

1978  S.Kirov Kazakh State University, specialty “History”

2004 Kazakh Humanitarian Law University, specialty “Lawyer”


1978-1996 from the trainee researcher to the head of a higher educational institution

1996-1997 a consultant to the Civil Service and Personnel Department of the Government Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan

1997-2004 Rector of the Shakarim Semipalatinsk State University

2004-2008 Rector of the Semipalatinsk State Pedagogical Institute

2008-2011 Rector of the Shakarim Semipalatinsk State University

Since 2011 Rector of the L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University                                     


Author of science education books, such as Shakarim (published in the biography series of Life of outstanding people, Molodaya Gvardiya, Moscow, 2012) and Zhambyl (Fiction, Moscow, 2015)

More than 20 monographs, about 300 scientific and methodical articles


2001  jubilee medals "10 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan"

2005 "Kazakstannin enbek sinirgen kayratkeri"

2005 "10 years of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan"

2010 the Orders "Parasat"

2011 "20 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan"

2013 public award of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan " The Golden Medal "Birlik" 2013 - the medal "For Contribution to the Development of the Constitutional Legislation"

2014 "Kazakhstan maslikhattarana - 20 zhyl"

2015 Medal "20 Years of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan"

2015 medal "20 Years of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan"

2015 "Barys" of the II degree

2015 the Interparliamentary Assembly of the CIS Member States Medal "For Strengthening Parliamentary Cooperation"

2016 the Gratitude of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

2016 the Certificate of Honor of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan



The ENU Representative Office in Belgium

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Speaker at the ENU scientific conference

19-23.08.2019 - 20th International Conference on radiation effects in insulators (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan); 

12-13.09.2019 - International conference “Internationalization as a driver for regional hub development” (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan); 

14-15.10.2019 - QS in Conversation "Enhancing visibility through international cooperation: Mobility, Recognition, Branding" (Kaunas, Lithuania); 

26-27.09.2019 - Second Forum on the geotechnical infrastructure of megacities and new capitals of the ENU - HIT (Japan); 

7-10.11.2019 - Global High School Model United Nations (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)

External curator of thesis

Requirements: Scientific degree of PhD on the relevant field or doctor in the specific field of study; 5-year experience of PhD supervision; at least 10 publications for the last 5 years in high-ranked journals; professor of partner-university 

Guest lecturer

Long-term conditions: Period – 1 academic year (1 of September till 30 of June) or 1 academic semester (Fall semester - 1 of September till 30 of December, spring semester 1 of January till 30 of June); Criteria: PhD or doctor of science; Working at the university, included in the world rankings (QS, THE, ARWU); Publications in journals with impact factor;  Availability of Hirsch Index. Work hours – full time job (32 credits an academic year/ research work/ conferences/ social work)   

Short-term conditions: Period – not less than 4 weeks in the fall semester since 1 of September till 15 of December; Criteria: Foreign scholars (high level of citation index, collaboration with well-known scientists, patents, participation in international scientific project);  And also, to have experience in teaching for at least 5 years; Invited foreign specialists should have publications for the last 3 years in scientific professional journals with impact factor. Work hours: 1) not less than 6 credits (minimum) out of the existing Work Program of the department, the choice of courses for lectures is discussed with each department individually on the basis of the department/faculty needs; 2) impact factor article with a year after the visit in collaboration with the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University teachers; 3) image article about the stay at the university. 

List of diciplines

IT technology, innovative pedagogy, development of soft skills and entrepreneurial skills, development of start-up projects, project management

Administration Position

Period – 10 months, the exact period is given by the Ministry of education and science; Criteria: • Working experience not less than 5 years at the university, included in the world rankings (QS, THE, ARWU) as a top manager (dean, department director, etc.); • Experience in strategic planning, university development plans, accreditation procedures, internationalization, education programs management and Bologna process realization; • Preferable countries of top managers – USA, European countries, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Turkey, China; • PhD or doctor of science; • Publications in journals with impact factor; • Availability of Hirsch Index. Work hours: 5 days a week since 9.00 till 18.00 o`clock; Obligatory teaching hours in corresponding department; When applying for a position the top-manager suggests his vision and plan of work. After contract signing the plan is signed by the Rector and all the reports should stick to the plan fulfillment. 

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Opportunities for foreign students

Providing with free accomondation for international students through intergovernmental agreements.




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